Herman Miller Introduces OE1 Collection, the Future of the Post Pandemic Office
A woman pushes a moveable wall with shelves to create a temporary work room.


OE1 is the latest in a line of office products from Herman Miller that embraces the unpredictability of the future by landing squarely at the crossroads of agility, functionality, and modularity. OE1 offers a wide range of items that can be used to create highly varied work settings yet are flexible enough to adapt to growth, new needs or desires, or even the unexpected—like a global pandemic. 


“While this project was started prior to the pandemic, our research over the last year has only intensified our belief in the relevance of this line. With people forced to work outside of offices, traditional means of workplace planning have been challenged by the unpredictability of how people will work now and in the future. These changes will continue, and workspaces need to constantly adapt. Workers are ready for a greater degree of variety, choice, and control—people want their environments to work for them, and OE1 is designed to enable that.” - Ryan Anderson, Vice President of Global Research and Insights, Herman Miller


A collection of essential pieces that spans mobile tables, movable walls, height-adjustable workstations, storage trolleys, and more, OE1 directly responds to how and where people want to work, allowing employees to build, test, and recreate their spaces with ease. By experimenting with space, employees will gain confidence they can not only discover the solutions they need now, but also adjust rapidly for the future. OE1 mitigates the risk of an uncertain future for organisations yet empowers employees to create optimal spaces to suit their work. 


OE1 puts the power of workplace reconfiguration in the employees’ hands,” says Malisa Bryant, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Workplace at Herman Miller. “This is a huge benefit for both parties--for the organisation, it provides a high degree of assurance that their workspaces will remain productive, relevant, and desirable over the life of the building without spending vast sums on facility reconfigurations. For the employee, it signals that the space is in service to them – that it exists to facilitate their desired work processes so that they can have greater control and achieve their goals. Real estate is highly static, but work can change quickly.”  


 OE1 was created in partnership with designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility. With a goal of understanding the physical and cultural changes that had started to take shape surrounding the future of work, the team made visits around the world to understand the entire industry ecosystem. Identifying these signals of the future, Sam and Kim carefully crafted the suite of products available in the OE1 Workspace Collection.  


 “One thing we noticed is that day one, the furniture is installed—and day two, things need to be changed. When you zoom out to a macro view, you become aware of the magnitude and pace of ongoing change. So OE1 is more like an un-system – it's playing by different rules that address these scalar changes." - Sam Hecht, Industrial Facility 


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