June 11, 2018
Geiger Introduces Axon Tables by Naoto Fukasawa and Keiji Takeuchi

Together with designers Naoto Fukasawa and Keiji Takeuchi, Geiger envisioned a conference table as advanced as the technology it needs to support. The results of this collaboration, Axon Tables, power the collective connectivity of teams who use them.

The designers started by studying today’s conference rooms and the table’s role in the meeting experience. Recognizing the ways many conference rooms fail to deliver frictionless connectivity, their goal became not only eliminating the visual mess of cords and cables, but also “untying the knots.” That meant rethinking the table as more than a surface, but as an interface with different technologies integrated—including voice- and videoconferencing tools, accessories for charging personal devices, content-sharing systems, and more.

Named after the nerve fiber that conducts impulses away from a cell, Axon provides clean, efficient distribution of power and connectivity to all participants seated around the table. With the ability to run power and media seamlessly and invisibly to easy access points at the middle of the surface, charging stations are also accessible around the perimeter of the table. This gives users the freedom to use technology that best suits their individual needs.

In form, function, and spirit, Axon Tables reflect Naoto Fukasawa’s “Super Normal” philosophy—super in their high functionality and technological intelligence, yet normal in their intuitive, approachable, and entirely familiar design. His philosophy syncs perfectly with his design partner, Keiji Takeuchi’s, own belief that simplicity should ultimately solve problems.

The standard finishes are also a selling point for Axon Tables, which offer a choice of veneer—including Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C121106)-certified options—laminate (both standard and soft touch), back-painted glass, stone, and quartz. All surfaces are finished on all sides—including the bottom, which covers the intricate understructure.

For organizations whose employees spend too much time fighting cords and fussing with technology, Axon Tables just make sense—a beautiful design with substantial functionality, made for collective connectivity.

Geiger Axon Tables can be ordered through the Geiger and Herman Miller North American contract dealer network, as part of the Herman Miller Collection, beginning fall 2018.

About Geiger
At Geiger, why we do things and how we do them are inexorably one. Achieving quality through craft, celebrating materiality through elegant simplicity, improving the work environment for individuals through design that endures. Standards of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction set more than 50 years ago by founder John Geiger have driven the company’s growth and continue to inspire people today. Founded in Toronto and headquartered in Atlanta since 1979, Geiger International is a wholly owned subsidiary of publicly held Herman Miller, Inc.