October 09, 2020
Herman Miller Names Four Employees to CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship

Herman Miller (NASDAQ: MLHR) recently named four employees to represent the company in a one-year, full-time fellowship role with CEO Action for Racial Equity.

Through CEO Action for Racial Equity, nearly 250 fellows, representing more than 100 CEO Action signatory organizations, will work together to identify, develop, and promote scalable and sustainable public policies and corporate engagement to address societal systemic racism and social injustice and improve societal well-being.

The group of four fellows includes Kim Koeman (Writer/Editor), Shawn Perdue (Credit Analyst), Tracee Bruce (Sales Operations Manager), and Ashely Rigby (Sales Manager).

“I am thrilled for Kim, Shawn, Tracee, and Ashley. They have each played an integral role in our diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.  I’m excited to watch them learn, grow, and bring their knowledge and unique perspectives back to Herman Miller so our company can do the same,” said Andi Owen, President and CEO.

The fellowship is part of CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™, which Owen joined earlier this year, along with more than 1,300+ other leaders across 85+ industries committed to advancing diversity and inclusion goals.

“CEO Action has always been driven by the belief that when businesses work collectively to drive progress, we can truly harness lasting change,” said Roy Weathers, CEO Action for Racial Equity CEO. “The systemic racial injustice across our country has disproportionately impacted Black Americans and it is what is pushing us to do more. Now is the time to use our collective talent, passion and diverse perspectives to advance systemic change and improve equitable opportunities.” 

CEO Action for Racial Equity will collaborate with NGOs, public and private foundations, and policymakers to complement and supplement its work as appropriate. Fellows will focus their efforts on four key areas of societal well-being: education, healthcare, public safety, and economic empowerment.

“I’m grateful to represent Herman Miller in this fellowship,” said Koeman, who is currently a Writer/Editor at Herman Miller. “This unique opportunity lets me draw on my skills and passion for social justice to stand up against racism and discrimination at work and beyond. I look forward to spending a year focusing on advancing racial equity through public policy and returning to Herman Miller to help our company continue to grow.”

Following the fellowship, all will return to Herman Miller for a two-year commitment where they will put their experiences to work and help drive diversity, equity, and inclusion programs throughout the Herman Miller Group companies.

Press contact:
Mackenzie Rantala

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