June 06, 2022
Knoll to Showcase Welcoming Spaces for Work Anywhere at MillerKnoll Design Days 2022

Brand to celebrate new designs by Antenna Design, Marc Newson, Dan Grabowski, Piero Lissoni

EAST GREENVILLE, Pa., June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Knoll will present Welcoming Spaces for Work Anywhere at the first MillerKnoll Design Days that will take place in Chicago from June 13–15. At 811 W. Fulton Market, Knoll will introduce designs by Antenna Design, Dan Grabowski, Piero Lissoni and Marc Newson.

The Welcoming Spaces Showroom will feature a variety of settings for hybrid work that support connection, forge culture and foster collaboration—all illustrating the power of hospitality in today's workplace.

The Fulton Market Space will showcase brands from the MillerKnoll collective, including Knoll furnishings and accessories; DatesWeiser conference room furniture; Spinneybeck and FilzFelt architectural and acoustic materials; Knoll Textiles fabrics, wallcoverings and drapery; and Muuto furniture and accessories.

Alana Stevens, Knoll Brand President stated, "As companies have embraced hybrid work solutions, the communal vibrancy of a welcoming workplace is more important than ever."

Presenting Welcoming Spaces for Work Anywhere

As companies return to the workplace after more than two years of work-from-home and limited time in the office, they need to plan for a successful hybrid experience, with products that blur the lines between office and home, with solutions for remote, hybrid and resident workers.

Successful hybrid work environments offer people a holistic experience, leverage technology to connect people across locations—remote and in person—and provide a place where people come together to collaborate with a sense of purpose, freedom and fulfillment at work.

Ms. Stevens added, "now that people can work from anywhere, companies are realizing the importance of creating a space that creates connectivity and community across the workplace ecosystem."

The Fulton Market space displays how the value of offering people a fluid and equitable experience, and places for in-person interaction to complement remote work —from getaway spaces to shared areas for teams and groups to "physgital" meeting spaces— enables organizations' success throughout the workplace ecosystem, from work in the office to work from home and anywhere in between.

New Knoll Performance Seating

Introducing the Newson Task Chair

The first step to greatness is sitting down. From the trailblazing design Marc Newson, Newson Task is ready to take you to the next level—just take a seat. The chair features an organic, fluid design that's packed with sophisticated hidden technology and a level of luxe material refinement. A quiet confidence creates an interesting duality: the ability to stand out as a statement piece or blend into its surroundings. 

New Workplace Solutions

Antenna® Workspace Enhancements

Design Days 2022 will showcase enhancements to Antenna Workspaces, which captures the energy of people coming together with the best technology, furniture, and spaces for their work.

  • Hybrid Storage pairs wood shelves with sleek steel side panels in a lean footprint, allowing ample storage capacity and options for integrated cable management.
    • New suspended storage: Open configurations provide a spot for personal items, and lockable drawer versions provide secure storage for resident workers. Suspended Hybrid Storage integrates with Knoll tables.
    • New Tall Hybrid Storage: Shares the collection's mixed-material aesthetic and comes in open and hinged-door configurations. Link them together to create a storage bank that delineates space and supports team storage needs
    • Mobile Technology Cart: Transform any space into a power-supported work point. Integrated handle, casters, and three horizons let you pull up the power source in training or sprint rooms as well as lounge spaces.
  • Antenna Power Beam expands on the center beam at the heart of the Antenna Workspaces Big Table. By decoupling worksurfaces from the power structure, Power Beam enables flexibility and agility, providing maximum performance in a minimal footprint.
    • Modesty Panels: Efficient planning capabilities and power routing paired with the neat aesthetic of a traditional technology spine planned to the floor. Modesty panels are suspended from Power Beam to conceal workstation clutter and are secured with glides for stability.
    • Gallery Panels: Available in a variety of widths and horizons, end and intermediate gallery panels delineate space while maintaining sight lines and access to natural light.
    • Ladders: Mounted to Power Beam or to a worksurface, Ladder screens imply boundaries while allowing light to filter between spaces. Moveable screen, hook, tray, cup, and phone rest mount to both sides of the ladder, offering users an opportunity to personalize their space and move work tools off the worksurface.

New Office Collection Designed by Dan Grabowski
Work continues to evolve and, with this collection, the private office keeps pace, reflecting new approaches to planning and timeless aesthetic. It pairs streamlined design with a refined scope of thoughtful product features, including a new approach to managing technology, all the while maintaining Knoll's tradition of sustainable wood craftsmanship and design flexibility.

The collection, designed primarily for private offices but also for the shared spaces that often adjoin them, features a slim profile with thin surfaces and beveled edges in all the right places. It has a refreshing lightness of scale and proportion, and it features honest materials that are the hallmarks of modernism—wood, glass, and more. The collection has individual, scalable components fit for private or open spaces of any size, from modest to expansive. Through this refined design, it delivers a unique pairing of wood craftsmanship with the latest design and features found in today's signature workspaces.

Dividends Horizon® Enhancements
Dividends Horizon remains a solid, go-to panel-based solution for space delineation and power distribution.

  • Dividends Horizon Elevated Spine. Accessibly-priced elevated spine with ample power and data capabilities for flexible planning with freestanding elements in the open plan. Available with two planning horizons and a broad scope of material options.

Quoin™ Storage Additions
Quoin offers streamlined metal solutions for individual and group storage needs and plans for the total workplace. An innovative cantilever shelf support system allows for a clean aesthetic in open and enclosed units, with no visible adjustment holes.

  • Credenza. Shallow 15" depth, low 1H elevation and options for tray tops and new configurations
  • Pull Options. New rubber grommet pull option offers a more casual and playful aesthetic.

Inlet Screens
These lightweight, moveable screens, designed by Dan Grabowski, define space while providing visual privacy and acoustic dampening. Available in two finishes with markerboard and novel porthole options.

New Lifestyle Solutions

KN Collection Additions

Milan-based designer Piero Lissoni has a thirty-year history in the fields of architecture, landscape, interiors, product and graphic design—with the human experience at the center of his work. His growing body of work with Knoll is characterized by its elegance, attention to proportion and exquisite detailing. His KN Collection of seating for Knoll complements a range of spaces – from collaborative meetings to individual refuge – with elevated detailing and comfort.  New arm and armless side chairs, KN06 and KN07, are available fully upholstered in selected textiles and Spinneybeck leathers, with painted or polished aluminum metal legs.

Knoll Textiles Celebrates 75 Years

Knoll Textiles celebrates its 75th anniversary by introducing The Heritage Collection: eight archive-inspired textiles that continue to evolve the modernist tradition by combining the best archival design with next-generation technology. Knoll Textiles will preview the collection along with an exhibit of corresponding archival fabrics. Also on display are the performance-oriented Focus and Pattern Play Collections. The Focus Collection is subtly evocative of details from nature with performance upholstery, drapery, privacy fabric and wallcoverings that range from graphic to gestural in a palette of sophisticated modern neutrals. The Pattern Play Collection offers vibrant upholstery and color combinations and wallcovering with unexpected design elements. The lively patterns exude a sense of optimism while inviting visual and tactile exploration. 

Muuto is Exploring What Makes a Space Feel Just Right 

For this year's Design Days, Muuto is inviting visitors to explore their immersive space to ask themselves:

What makes a space feel just right to me?

Recognizing that there is more to design than meets the eye, Muuto is investigating what design can do to make us feel more at ease, focused and grounded in our surroundings. Everyone experiences design in vastly different ways—what deeply resonates with you might not with someone else. Take a walk through their showroom on the 5th floor and reflect on five key elements that help make a space feel just right—light, color, tactility, nature and form.

New Designs from Muuto

With forward-looking materials, techniques and bold creative thinking, Muuto shares their latest new perspectives on Scandinavian design.

New Linear System Series
The Linear System Series, designed by Thomas Bentzen, brings a warm, hospitable oak expression to the evolving needs of the modern workspace, hospitality settings and educational institutions. Its configurable design—tables, lighting, screens and trays—alongside its custom integrated power solution, allows one to tailor the design to the exact needs of any space. Choose between 3 pre-configurations or configure your own.

New Linear Steel Series Addition
The Linear Steel Chair offers a new perspective on modern outdoor furniture with its clean lines, half-circular intersecting legs, and a smoothly curved backrest for an enveloping comfort. The small spacing allows for easy removal of water. Available with or without arms, in four colors.

Connect Soft Modular Sofa
Designed by Andersson & Voll, the Connect Soft Modular Sofa brings together elegant proportions and deeply inviting comfort. With its slimmer profile and softer seat than the original Connect Sofa, the Connect Soft is ideal for hospitality and residential settings. Choose between 9 pre-configurations or create your own.

Introducing Oslo Lounge Chair (Available in Q3 2022)
Marrying its compact design with comfort and elegance, the Oslo Lounge Chair by Andersson & Voll offers an embracing and dynamic seat with a classic, yet distinctly contemporary expression. The combination of sculptural qualities and functional design makes it an ideal piece for public spaces. Available with either a Tube or Swivel base.

Introducing Sketch Toolbox (Available in Q3 2022)
Cast in one monolithic piece with a handle for portability, the Sketch Toolbox, designed by Thomas Bentzen, is a friendly companion for daily life in the nomadic workplace. The versatile toolbox is manufactured in Denmark using a minimum of 91% recycled plastic.

A New addition to the Fiber Chair Family (Available in Q3 2022)
The Fiber Conference Chair's wider, cushioned seat make it ideal for conference or hospitality settings. Its interior shell is made of 99% recycled plastic, while its spacious seat and embracing curves are fully upholstered with a soft, fixed cushion for maximum comfort. Choose from 6 swivel bases. Designed by Iskos Berlin

About Knoll

A globally recognized leader in modern design and the founding sponsor of the World Monuments Fund Modernism at Risk program, Knoll uses modern design to create places people love to be. Our commitment to modern design and ongoing dialogue with designers and customers has yielded a timeless collection of pioneering products for high-performance workplaces, work-from-home settings, and luxury residential interiors. A recipient of the National Design Award for Corporate and Institutional Achievement from the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Knoll has championed sustainable practices in manufacturing and can help organizations meet their sustainability goals.


For further information: CONTACTS: Marisa Jones Issa, Hello PR Group, 323 486-7035, marisa@helloprgroup.com; Leah S. Kalotay, Knoll, 917 744-0213, lkalotay@knoll.com