January 13, 2023
Maharam Introduces Prism by Paul Smith

Introducing Prism, the twenty-fourth woven textile designed by Paul Smith in collaboration with the Maharam Design Studio.

A study in color blocking, Prism reflects Paul Smith’s interest in reinterpreting classic apparel motifs through idiosyncratic applications of hue and scale. Based on the pixelated image of a checkered textile featured in a Paul Smith womenswear collection, Prism uses intricate color blending to create a painterly grid animated by value, arrangement, and scale. Via careful consideration of material and technique, the Maharam Design Studio worked with Smith to develop a durable end-and-end warp construction that allows for an extensive palette, while lustrous and matte yarns pronounce or recede individual motifs within each plane.

Expanding upon Smith’s ability to reimagine the traditional to elevated impact, Prism is guided by an intuitive and experimental approach to color. Ten weft hues generate kaleidoscopic ranges within each colorway: Squares of crimson, turquoise, rose, lilac, russet, citron, and sage are balanced by blocks of neutral tones that guide the eye across the composition. Through its nuanced chromatic mixing both within the motif and the larger polychromatic checker, Prism invites a close inquiry into color.

About Paul Smith
Paul Smith’s ability to combine a flair for eccentric detail with a dedication to the highest standards of craftsmanship has made him among the most successful fashion designers in British history. In business for fifty years, Smith continues to be an integral part of every aspect of the company as both chairman and designer, producing collections sold in over seventy countries worldwide. With an enthusiasm for wide-ranging cultural references and idiosyncratic combinations of pattern and color, applied with understatement, Paul Smith expresses a truly contemporary aesthetic.

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