MillerKnoll Design Yard Welcomes Juneteenth Fashion Shows

Black- and Women-owned fashion company, Mode Fille Noire, produced three Juneteenth fashion shows at Design Yard in partnership with MillerKnoll Foundation and I Am Academy

Mode Fille Noire is a Holland, MI-based fashion company owned by two local Black women—Aji Wilson and Gezelle Kingdom Grier— inspired to celebrate style and fashion from their perspectives. The fashion duo hosted their second annual Juneteenth show in partnership with I Am Academy, a longtime partner of MillerKnoll and MillerKnoll Foundation, at MillerKnoll’s Design Yard in Holland, MI.

Under the theme of ‘Royalty,’ the show highlighted young performers of color who are enthusiastic about art, fashion, and creativity. They aimed to celebrate feeling, looking, and embracing our most powerful selves during Juneteenth and beyond.

This event brought together an audience of close to 300 people over the course of three events on June 15 and 16.

MillerKnoll’s associate-led Racial Business Resource Group (BRG) and MillerKnoll Foundation supported the execution of all three shows. Several MillerKnoll associates volunteered to greet attendees and prepare the space.

“This is what MillerKnoll and the BRGs are all about – bringing together associates for opportunities to connect, support one another, and positively impact our local communities,” said Monica Ramirez (pictured below second from left), North American Lead and Global Lead of MillerKnoll’s Racial BRG and Career Development Program Manager.

The stunning production was brought to life through an array of colorful fabrics, rich embellishments, and distinguished designs:




For more from Mode Fille Noire, visit their Instagram here. Learn more about MillerKnoll Foundation and its impact here.


About MillerKnoll Business Resource Groups (BRGs)

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