June 10, 2024
Knoll Presents New Workplace Products and Reframed Design Classics at Fulton Market Design Days
Knoll also to Showcase Power of Architectural Thinking in Presentation

Chicago, IL, June 10, 2024 – Since it was founded, Knoll has partnered with the design community to create spaces where furniture relates to interiors, and interiors to architecture. At Design Days from Monday, June 10 to Wednesday, June 12, Knoll will showcase how its roots in the Bauhaus philosophy of “total architecture” have evolved to inform contemporary collaborations and environments. Along with new products for the private office and open plan, the brand will debut a new selection of wood veneers and paint colors, offering designers and clients even more opportunity to realize a unique and transformative workplace vision.

Cove Collection by Knoll®, a highlight of the product debuts, exemplifies the Knoll commitment to custom specification and quality materials. The elegant private office solution is easy to scale and configure, bringing refined wood craftsmanship to private and shared workspaces.

New pieces by designers important to the Knoll legacy—including Andrew Morrison and Bruce Hannah, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer—will also illustrate the power of color and materials.

New Products at Design Days 2024

Cove Collection by Knoll®
Exemplifying the brand’s continued dedication to craftsmanship and customization, Cove Collection by Knoll is a highly anticipated offering at the Knoll showroom. This expertly crafted, beautifully minimalist collection for private offices that can be scaled to meet the needs of a wide range of workspaces. Components include credenza storage, overheads, shelves, wall panels, fixed and height-adjustable desks and technology cabinets—all available in an array of veneers, sizes and combinations. 

Made from high-quality materials – premium metal, back painted glass, and fine wood veneer that brings the natural world inside – Cove Collection by Knoll is skillfully constructed with the precision for which the brand is renowned, and can be specified in 150 combinations across 25 different finishes, open or closed pore, and three sheen levels. Designed by Dan Grabowski, the collection is an elevated option for today’s workplace, and will launch next week.

Morrison Hannah Chair
The brand’s Design Days presentation will also feature the soon-to-be available Morrison Hannah Chair, designed by Andrew Morrison and Bruce Hannah. Knoll first introduced the chair as, “Easy to manufacture, easy to reupholster, easy to live with, and easy to love”—a friendly approach to light task seating that translates seamlessly into today’s hybrid work environments. Its intuitive adjustments and updated holistic ergonomics deliver comfort without fuss.

The Morrison Hannah Chair will launch Fall 2024.

Tugendhat Chair
Knoll previews its reissue of the Tugendhat Chair, a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe masterpiece originally designed in 1929. The Tugendhat Chair speaks to the Knoll architectural heritage. First known as the Feder-Sessel ("spring chair" in English), five chairs were initially installed in the Tugendhat family home designed by Mies with Lilly Reich in Brno, CZ. When photos of the chair were featured in the press, the chair was lovingly renamed to match its debut environment.

The sophisticated lounge chair delivers comfort and versatility with a cantilevered base, leather strap back, and sleek form. A pair of untufted cushions and optional armrests top the chair's pleasingly kinetic frame.

The Tugendhat Chair will launch late Summer 2024.

New Colors for Bauhaus-Era Collections
Knoll will also spotlight three new metal finishes for four Bauhaus-era collections, demonstrating the transformative power of color. White, onyx, and an archival dark red are now available for the MR Chairs and MR Table by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and for the Wassily Chair, Cesca Chairs and Stools, and Laccio Tables by Marcel Breuer. This release marks the first time the tubular steel collections will be commercially produced in the ultra-matte colors.

The Wassily Chair in new colors is available now, and the remaining collections will be available beginning next week.

Showroom Experience: New Veneers and Paint Colors from Salem van der Swaagh

Jonathan Olivares, Senior Vice President of Design, Knoll, commented, “Across the two floors, and a range of settings – from meeting spaces to casual lounge spaces and individual workstations – Knoll will illustrate how environment, scale, materiality and color come together to create a rhythm that relates to the architectural setting.”

The redesigned Knoll showroom exemplifies the philosophy of “total architecture” – where furniture relates to architectural settings, and interiors are choreographed as harmonious successions of forms and finishes.

Visitors will be able to explore a new modernized veneer offering, developed by Salem van der Swaagh, an American designer who first collaborated with Knoll on the Chicago showroom in 2023. An array of wood tones, including updated neutrals, celebrate grain and movement across flat-cut and straight-grain options. An elegant approach to workplace design, this new palette responds to the needs and regional preferences of A&D, and pairs perfectly with other Knoll finishes in paint, stone, glass and laminate.

van der Swaagh has also developed new foundational paint colors for Knoll, featuring nuanced primary and secondary colors that are ideally suited for a range of interiors due to their position at the top of the color chart.  

The showroom will also feature a palette of painted and polished metal that has evolved from archival roots to enliven contemporary settings. Developed for versatility and longevity, the palette features primary colors updated with an ultra-matte finish alongside polished aluminum.

To learn more about Knoll at Design Days, visit knoll.com.

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