A Champion for Mental Health Awareness

Meet Sasha Wolff. These days, Sasha wears many hats. She is a team member on the MillerKnoll Communications Team, a wife, mom of three, avid runner, mental health advocate, and founder and executive director of Still I Run. Still I Run is a nonprofit organization and community of runners and mental health warriors, with a mission to promote the benefits of running for mental health, and through their collective stories, defeat the stigma around mental illness.

Sasha founded Still I Run in 2016 after she was treated for anxiety and depression. During her treatment, Sasha learned the importance of creating healthy habits and routines to cope with symptoms from anxiety and depression. Upon discharge from the hospital, she discovered an affinity for running to help improve her mental health. Now, Still I Run is a growing and global community of runners creating awareness for mental health through every stride.  

Inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise,” Still I Run aims to help people rise above the stigma associated with mental health, just as Angelou’s poem encouraged Black men and women to celebrate all who they are and rise against discrimination and oppression. 

“For many years, people suffering from mental illnesses have always been looked down on,” said Sasha. “My goal with Still I Run is to foster an inclusive community where people around the world can share their own mental health journeys and how they’ve used running or other forms of physical activity to stay in a healthy place and mindset.”  

Still I Run offers the Starting Line Scholarship – a scholarship helping remove any barriers blocking someone from running for their mental health. The scholarship provides shoes and running gear to get runners to the starting line, coaching, and training plans to get them to the finish line. There are also several running events and run chapters around the country offering space for individuals to get together and take control of their health both physically and mentally. You can learn more about Sasha and Still I Run here

MillerKnoll Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month with Still I Run 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and MillerKnoll’s ENABLED Equity Team (employee resource group advocating for accessibility and inclusion so people of all abilities can realize their talents) partnered with Sasha and Still I Run to offer MillerKnoll associates the opportunity to participate in a virtual run streak for the month.  

The challenge is for associates to walk, run, bike, or just get moving for at least one mile a day – for a total of 31 miles by the end of the month. The goal is for associates to make time for their mental well-being and do something active.  

The ENABLED Equity Team is also hosting conversations and sharing additional resources and benefits available to associates to promote well-being, normalize open dialogue, and encourage them to feel comfortable reaching out for support.