A Message from CEO Andi Owen

Earlier this year, a clip from our internal town hall – in which I discussed meeting our fiscal year goals and ongoing inquiries about bonuses – was leaked, and subsequently went viral.

During the Q&A period, I made comments that were intended to rally our team members while answering their questions. Following the town hall, it was evident that my comments did not land as I had intended. Questions immediately began to swirl about my compensation, and misinformation spread across news outlets and social media. 

I want to clarify what is true. All team members across MillerKnoll are held to the same standards, this absolutely includes me. Our policy towards cash bonuses has always been based on the company’s performance. If we meet our financial targets, everyone - including me - receives an incentive. If we do not meet our financial targets, then no one receives a bonus. 

Under no circumstances would I ever receive a cash bonus when my team members do not. 

Despite the challenges from this experience, I remain confident and excited for what lies ahead. I know that our legacy won’t be defined by this moment, but by the amazing and creative work we do every day and will continue to do in service of our customers. I have complete confidence in this team and I am proud of the work we do together.

I shared my thoughts on the now infamous town hall, return to office, and design in an exclusive interview with Stephanie Mehta from Fast Company. It was a pleasure to speak with her.


Thank you,