Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month - Nosotros Estamos Juntos

Hispanic Heritage Month is not only a time to commemorate the contributions of those from Hispanic and LatinX identities, but a time for everyone to come together to celebrate, share culture and history, and learn from one another’s stories and experiences.

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated each year from Sept 15-Oct 15, a time when many Latin American countries celebrate their independence days. Several events and festivals are held to showcase Hispanic cuisine, art, history, dance, music and more. 

At Herman Miller, we’re celebrating the month in a variety of ways.

Showcasing and Celebrating Student Artists: Sueños Escritos en Papel - Dreams Written in Paper  

This year, the Racial Equity Team, our employee resource group focused on supporting, reducing barriers, and identifying opportunities for employees of marginalized groups, partnered with Samaritas to display artwork in Herman Miller facilities from the nonprofit’s Dreams of Paper program. Samaritas is a nonprofit organization serving others with programs to help Michigan families and disadvantaged individuals thrive.

Dreams of Paper showcases the talent of young refugees who have had to flee from war, violence, or persecution in dozens of countries. These young people, many without parents and not even 18 years old, lean on Samaritas to help them work through trauma and develop important life skills.  

The artwork is an outlet for the refugees to express what they are feeling and provides a way for them to sort through the emotions that come with past trauma. 

The artwork is currently available for employees to view in Herman Miller facilities across West Michigan. Herman Miller Cares has also partnered with Samaritas to support programs addressing humanitarian crises.

Checkout the art displays in our West Michigan Facilities Below

Giving Back to our Communities

Sponsored by Herman Miller Cares, several employees from our SOMOS Equity Team, a subset of the Racial Equity Team, came together to volunteer at the Grand Haven Hispanic Heritage Fiesta in West Michigan. The annual festival celebrates Latin American cultures in all its varieties and pays tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society.

Centering Employee Voices

Many employees are celebrating Hispanic and Latin heritage by sharing their personal stories and pride, family traditions, recipes, and their favorite art and musical influences with one another. Read below to hear what a couple employees had to say as they reflect on their identities and lived experiences.

Monica Ramirez, Career Development Program Manager at Herman Miller

I am proud to be who I am for so many reasons that others might not understand. I love my brown skin and wide range of color within the LatinX community, the uniqueness that each of us brings including the music, food, accents, our contributions to this land, the importance of community, and our support for each other. I love the diversity and the multi-faceted customs and traditions within my culture and different Latin American countries.

EllenClarina Flores, Concierge at Herman Miller

I do not know Spanish but that is okay. I love my culture and my people. I love how everyone has each other’s back no matter what. I love the food and the meaning of Familia.

Familia is so important to me and that is something I work hard to instill in my children. It’s also important to teach my children about the difficulties that my mom and husband had to encounter coming here as immigrants.