Geiger and BassamFellows Unveil their newest collaboration, The Mantle Collection
The Mantle Sofa

In 2011, under the guidance of BassamFellows, Geiger, a Herman Miller Group company (NASDAQ: MLHR), released Tuxedo, a pivotal seating collection that set the course for a successful rebrand and solidified itself as the epitome of the Geiger aesthetic. Now, nearly a decade later, the team has once again partnered with BassamFellows to release a brand-new seating collection centered on the need to offer offices furniture solutions that fit the work aesthetic, yet tap into the meaningful, relaxing elements found in well-loved furniture in the home.


This new collection features a diverse range of lounge options, including a chair, settee, sofa, corner units and ottomans. The design is simple yet refined, creating pieces that offer a comfortable place of collaboration or repose and are well suited for a variety of environments. The collection’s classic composition allows the elegant detailing to shine, completing a look hinged upon precise proportions, impeccable construction and a thoughtful color palate.


“The Mantle Collection grows from a familiar archetype in a way. It’s not so jarringly new, but in practical use, it’s contemporary and up-to-date– it feels familiar and new at the same time.” Craig Bassam, BassamFellows.


The Mantle Collection is designed with the open plan in mind as there are endless options for sectionals, with and without ottomans. The angled ottomans further offer unique arrangements that truly fit any space. Another key attribute is the easily detachable overlay pillow cushion, which emphasizes modularity and the ability to create a sense of relaxed comfort ideal to build a living room around. Pared back without the cushion, Mantle’s thin L-profile gives each piece an exquisite edge without sacrificing comfort. And ever true to Geiger’s commitment to complete every detail with the upmost craft and care, each piece is trimmed with refined leather piping, adding elegance, beautiful contrast, and unique artistry to each piece.


“The simplicity of this collection is its success. It naturally adds a certain elegance and coziness to a room, without taking away from the energy and life so pivotal to an open office. It allows itself to mold to whatever environment it’s in, and it offers flexibility without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. This collection, and our partnership with BassamFellows throughout this entire process, is truly a triumph.” - Jenna Witten, Geiger Senior Product Manager, Herman Miller


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