February 01, 2019
Maharam Introduces Tek-Wall Aspect

Maharam continues to expand its offering of high-performance woven wallcovering with the introduction of Tek-Wall Aspect. Bringing unprecedented dimensionality to a series focused on structural surfaces, Tek-Wall Aspect is the result of two years of rigorous research and development.

A defining feature of the Maharam Design Studio’s approach is a willingness to take risks and build products from the ground up. With the aim of bringing unexpected dimension to the wall, the Maharam Design Studio sought ways to deepen a precise woven structure while meeting Tek-Wall’s requirements for performance, flexibility, and ease of application. Looking beyond existing qualities, a senior designer and textile engineer from the Maharam Design Studio devised and ultimately modified Tek-Wall Aspect’s deeply tactile honeycomb structure to overcome material constraints. In developing Tek-Wall Aspect’s technical yarns, testing revealed that while sufficiently durable, they lacked the flexibility needed for upholstered wall or wrapped panel application. Maharam’s willingness to invest in new techniques and further testing resulted in the development of a monofilament yarn adapted from another source, thereby resolving concerns over performance and stretch. Distinguished by polyethylene, a material commonly utilized in fishing nets, this specialty yarn enabled Tek-Wall Aspect’s taut structure and subtle sheen.

Elevated by a nuanced color story, Tek-Wall Aspect’s palette reflects a bold approach to wallcovering through highly pigmented shades of cardinal, azure, mulberry, mandarin, and a range of architectural grays. Material contrast of matte and lustrous yarns as well as twelve duotone colorways variously accentuate its geometric structure for references ranging from molecular to linked.

Launched in 1984, Tek-Wall was the first durable woven wallcovering of its time. The series continues to set performance standards for high-traffic, stain-resistant, bleach-cleanable woven wallcovering. With thirty-five Tek-Wall qualities currently on offer, the Maharam Design Studio steadily diversifies the category through the pursuit of commercial and technical advancements coupled with innovative uses of material and color.