February 13, 2023
FilzFelt Adds New Designs to ARO Grid Acoustic Ceiling Collection

February 13, 2023—New designs join the ARO Grid acoustic ceiling collection! ARO Grid 5 and ARO Grid 6 expand on the series from New York-based architecture firm, Architecture Research Office, with two dynamic designs that elevate the acoustic ceiling grid and tackle the conundrum of masking clutter overhead. Customize standard modules with varying patterns, custom heights, three standard colorways, and even mix with other ARO Grid designs to create unique patterns that install easily while packing a sound-softening punch.

ARO Grid 5 features dramatic, swooping panels that mimic the soft, undulating quality of fabric canopies. One standard module size keeps it simple but allows for sculptural patterning that installs in a snap. Panels are lightweight and pair the softness of drapery with powerful acoustic performance.

ARO Grid 6 takes the traditional grid pattern and plays it up a bit. Available in two standard sizes and three standard colorways, combine custom heights and colorways to delineate space, define corridors, or create an eye-catching aesthetic that plays with light and shadow. The design’s distinctive cross-hatching patterning adds visual interest overhead without the need for additional hardware and works overtime to keep the volume down.

Products: ARO Grid 5 + ARO Grid 6
Designer: Architecture Research Office
Composition: Akustika 10 (60% post-consumer recycled content)
Colors: Three
NRC: ARO Grid 5: 0.80, ARO Grid 6: 0.95
Installation: Installs in standard 2x2 or 2x4 ACT ceiling grid with no hardware or tools required
Custom: Customize height of ARO Grid 6 and repeat & rotate one standard module of ARO Grid 5 for different patterns
Environmental: 60% post-consumer recycled content, 100% recyclable, contains no formaldehyde, 100% VOC free, no chemical irritants, and free of harmful substances


“As architects, we’ve long been interested in transforming everyday materials. A driving question behind the ARO Grid design was how to develop a cost-effective product that elevates the ubiquitous 2’x2’ ceiling grid to create spatial richness. Two new additions to the ARO Grid series expand on the customizable, easy to install line of acoustic ceiling products.”
– Architecture Research Office, designers of ARO Grid

About Architecture Research Office
Founded in 1993, Architecture Research Office is led by Stephen Cassell, Kim Yao, and Adam Yarinsky. ARO has earned a reputation for elegant, innovative and imaginative architecture born out of relentless exploration and engagement. Through investigation, analysis, and testing, Architecture Research Office creates designs that unite the conceptual and the pragmatic within a strong, compelling vision. This research-driven process enables the firm to operate on a wide variety of projects spanning strategic planning, architecture and urban design, and to craft elegant solutions to seemingly intractable problems.


About FilzFelt
FilzFelt carries German-milled 100% Wool Design Felt in 96 colors and four thicknesses. The product line includes 100% Wool Design Felt by the yard and felt products including acoustic products, drapery, floor coverings, hanging panels, and tabletop. Since felt is a nonwoven fabric and does not require a loom for its production, ancient people were able to produce it quite easily. To produce felt, raw wool undergoes a wet felting process, which involves matting, condensing, and pressing the fibers. Wool Design Felt is high quality, eco-friendly, comes in highly saturated colors, and is perfect for demanding design applications.

FilzFelt was founded in 2008 by two felt-loving designers, Kelly Smith and Traci Roloff. In 2011, the company was acquired by Knoll and continues to bring this natural, ancient textile into the 21st century where it balances beauty, utility, and sustainability while meeting the challenging needs of modern spaces.


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FilzFelt Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing + Communications
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