May 25, 2023
MillerKnoll Expands Takeback Program Across its Collective of Brands
MillerKnoll’s rePurpose program gives new life to products, benefitting our communities and planet

MillerKnoll is committed to sustainable design throughout a product’s entire life cycle. It starts with the goal of designing beautiful, functional pieces that will stand the test of time. That is complemented by purposefully designing out waste, using sustainable materials, and incorporating the ability to easily recycle an item at the end of its use.    

“Good design endures. Great design not only endures, it endeavors to leave no trace on our planet, thereby creating a better world for current and future generations,” said Ben Watson, Chief Product Officer of MillerKnoll. 

We launched the Herman Miller rePurpose program in 2009 to provide customers and dealers with sustainable options for handling used surplus furniture, fixtures, and equipment. This program not only protects the environment, it also creates lasting benefits within communities. Since the program’s inception, the company has diverted more than 25,000 tons from landfills through a combination of donation, resale, reuse, and recycling.

Today, as MillerKnoll, we are doubling down on our commitment to improve the health of our planet and our communities by expanding our rePurpose program across our collective of brands in the U.S.

“We’ve always been a company that cares about the environment, and many of our customers share those values. We take great responsibility in helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals,” said Gabe Wing, Vice President of Sustainability at MillerKnoll. “Empowering them to make decisions with the planet in mind also allows us to achieve our own goals, which focus on reducing our carbon footprint, designing out waste, and sourcing better materials.”

By expanding the program to our collective of brands, we can now help more customers make the right choice for our planet, especially when it comes to what happens to a product at the end of its useful life. We partner with the customers and dealers every step of the way, providing options such as offering pre-owned products to employees through an internal sale to facilitate ergonomic home-office setups and donating products to local nonprofit organizations.

Learn more about MillerKnoll’s rePurpose program here and read about MillerKnoll’s 2030 sustainability goals here.

About MillerKnoll 
MillerKnoll is a collective of dynamic brands that comes together to design the world we live in. MillerKnoll includes Herman Miller and Knoll, plus Colebrook Bosson Saunders, DatesWeiser, Design Within Reach, Edelman Leather, Geiger, HAY, Holly Hunt, Maars Living Walls, Maharam, Muuto, NaughtOne, and Spinneybeck|FilzFelt. MillerKnoll is an unparalleled platform that redefines modern for the 21st century by building a more sustainable, equitable, and beautiful future for everyone.