April 18, 2024
The Artful Home – A Muuto Milan Apartment

‘What makes up the feeling of home?’ Muuto asks during this year’s Milan Design Week

Muuto continues its exploration of intentional spaces that evoke and inspire at Milan Design Week in April. Delving into the act of making a personal home, they present a Scandinavian perspective on the Milanese apartment.

Leaning on Muuto’s understanding of how design affects our well-being, the Brera apartment exhibition looks at spaces where art, architecture, design, and nature converge to create a stimulating interior – an atmosphere that pulls you in. The six rooms present an updated vision of the Muuto home, a distinctive universe of color, light, material, and tactility, displayed alongside new products.

Design news this season includes the Earnest Extendable Table by John Tree and Set Lamp by Jamie Wolfond, shown for the first time at Milan Design Week. Earnest Extendable Table is made in solid oak, a timeless, spacious, and most of all, inviting centerpiece to a home. With a clear-cut profile softened by warm materiality, its beauty lies in the details - slender yet solid.

“A table tends to be the heart of any space. The middle of the house, but also the family or a company of people. It is the epicenter, physically and emotionally. The Earnest Extendable Table is made in one material - solid oak, and there is an honesty to that. In the spirit of that simplicity, I have tried to pair back and refine, to reduce the table to its most essential elements,” says John Tree.

Meanwhile, Toronto-based designer Jamie Wolfond created Set Lamp to inspire new, relatable ways of interacting with lighting. Taking visual cues from the screw thread, it intuitively tells us how to use it – enabling us to create our own sense of space. Additionally, Muuto shows a new line extension and colorway for the Stacked Storage System, fully unfolding its capacity for customization and playfulness.

For this exploration of the personal home, Muuto invites a range of collaborators to make their mark. Twilight, a series of artworks by the American photo artist Arthur Drooker, welcomes the visitor into a grounding foyer that speaks to the way daylight moves us. 

The brand once again partners with Copenhagen-based surface design studio File Under Pop, who provides striking colors for each space - an invitation to sense the way color affects our body and mind individually, all in the eye of the beholder.

“Creating spaces that feel just right has always been what Muuto is about. In Milan, we are not as much focusing on a single product as creating evocative atmospheres that move us on a deeper level. We hope to inspire us all to be more intentional about the space where we spend most of our time – our home,” says Line Brockmann Juhl, Chief Marketing Officer at Muuto.

Muuto welcomes you to the Muuto Milan Apartment at Salone del Mobile, an all-encompassing experience of a space that feels just right. The apartment is open for visitors from the 16th of April to the 21st of April.

About Muuto
Based in Copenhagen, Muuto is a contemporary design company committed to expanding on the Scandinavian design heritage. Founded in 2006, the brand has experienced exponential international growth with its new perspectives on Scandinavian Design. With a bold and creative approach to new materials and techniques, the brand always delivers new perspectives on Scandinavian design by working with leading contemporary designers such as Cecilie Manz, Anderssen&Voll, Studiopepe and TAF Studio. Muuto has showrooms across Europe, Asia and the United States and stores in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tokyo, Taipei and Paris. In 2018, the brand was acquired by Knoll, later becoming Millerknoll.