Behind MillerKnoll: Our People and Values
There are 11,000 team members across MillerKnoll's 19 brands who have used their skills and talents to contribute to success over the years. MillerKnoll’s people are guided by a shared vision, common values, and a steadfast commitment to design. 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
All of the brands within MillerKnoll strive to create a diverse and truly inclusive community. An inclusive environment fosters innovation and the ability to create products that best meet the needs of customers around the world. 
Modernism in design was born as a means toward social good. Knoll was founded on the principle that modern design can make a difference in improving the quality of the way we live and work. By extension, good design celebrates the color of one’s skin, their unique abilities, sexual orientation or gender identity, and responds to the universal desire for utility, joy, and beauty. 
Herman Miller has always believed in embracing diverse perspectives, but recently recognized the need for greater action. They recently published a series of commitments to push diversity, equity, and inclusion into action within the company, across the industry, and in the communities where they live and work. 
Herman Miller and Knoll were also both founding members of the Diversity in Design (DID) Collaborative. DID seeks to create systemic change by increasing diversity across all design fields and will do that by bringing together companies who are willing to commit the resources needed to increase diversity in the design industry. 
Caring for the Community 
The philanthropic approach for Herman Miller and its family of brands is led by Herman Miller Cares, its corporate foundation and global giving program. Supported by leadership but led by employees around the world, Herman Miller Cares supports and partners with charitable organizations that improve lives, engage employees, and strengthen communities. These efforts take Herman Miller beyond just giving to becoming a force for good in the world.  
Knoll’s community impact efforts are centered around building a fairer and more equitable society. This includes the Knoll Diversity Advancement Design Scholarship for Black Students, being a Habitat for Humanity cause marketing partner, and serving as a founding sponsor of the World Monuments Fund Modernism at Risk program. 
This shared commitment to caring for our communities is a foundation from which MillerKnoll will build from into the future.  
Caring for the Planet 
Protecting the environment has been a Herman Miller core value since founder D.J. De Pree first said in 1953, “We will be a good corporate neighbor by being a good steward of the environment.” Today, Herman Miller focuses on managing resources responsibly so they will be there for the next generation. Key efforts include Design for Environment (DfE) requirements, the rePurpose program to help customers send used furniture and other assets to deserving nonprofits, material chemistry reporting, and reducing the footprint of our products, packaging, and buildings. 
For Knoll, sustainability encompasses the environmental, economic, and social factors tied to design, manufacturing, and management decisions, from responsible material sourcing to the well-being of associates. The company’s efforts are focused on processes, analytic tools, and management philosophies to make business sustainable, improving product processes, and reducing its operation environmental footprint. 
An Equitable and Sustainable Future for All 
Although our people are dispersed across different brands and geographies, MillerKnoll is a company that is truly inclusive, committed to designing for everyone, and focused on caring for the planet. We are stronger together. 
  • Knoll Diversity Advancement Design Scholarships for Black Students, image courtesy of Knoll
  • DID Collaborative Logo designed by Forest Young
  • Reducing packaging footprint, image courtesy of Herman Miller