Introducing MillerKnoll Foundation

We’re excited to announce MillerKnoll Foundation, a global philanthropic platform for our collective of brands to design a brighter future.

MillerKnoll Foundation unites us around our purpose and our commitment to being a force for good in our communities as we strive to improve lives and create a more equitable, sustainable world.

“Being a force for good in our communities is core to our purpose of designing for the good of humankind – it's embedded in our corporate strategy and lived out by our extraordinary associates every day,” said Linda Brand, President of MillerKnoll Foundation and Director of Global Philanthropy. “Their engagement is inspiring and connects our foundation directly to communities where we live and work and drives us forward as we work to design a brighter, more sustainable and equitable world for all.”

Our giving is focused on three impact areas:

  1. Engaging underrepresented youth in art and design
  2. Advancing equity in MillerKnoll communities worldwide
  3. Doing more for our planet


Our programs are centrally managed and scaled globally across brands. Global programs include:

  • Day of Purpose - A day when our facilities close globally, enabling associates to unite and give back to their communities. US associates are encouraged to exercise their right to vote.
  • Scholarships for Children and Grandchildren of Associates - Alleviates the financial burden of post-secondary education for our associates and their children and grandchildren for up to four years.
  • Diversity Advancement Design Scholarship - Develops the next generation of diverse designers.
  • Associate Relief Fund - Helps associates in need of immediate financial assistance following an unforeseen disaster or personal hardship.
  • Disaster Support - Provides support during the devastating impacts that result from natural disasters and humanitarian crises.
  • Fund Matching - Offers fundraising matches for causes that are important to our associates.
  • Volunteer Advancement - Promotes team and individual engagement in volunteer activities.

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